Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another of my designs, a lot of black on this tank

One of my designs, like the way all the corners on the panels are rounded except one, gives it a little charecter i think

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Here is my new bike, bought it last week and built it up as the previous owner stripped it and had the frame and bits powder coated, i plan on painting it up with a crazy metal flaked design i have thought up, as for the other areas of styling i think ill leave that to Benny as i dont want to make a hash of it!
Be a shame to chop it, so im gonna make sure what ever happens to it, it will be a case of un-bolt and bolt back to original
I have both the original mud guards, will get them chromed and put the somewhere safe, they are not goin on this untill i deside to sell it (think it may be worth more put back to original)

Take a look at the mileage on this! I can confirm this is the true mileage its done since it left the factory.