Sunday, 20 December 2009

These are just the first of many pictures to come, will be posting pictures as i go with it through the stages
They sure built these to last, in 60 years a modern car wont be around to do these restorations
We took the bed off and to our supprise it looks pretty good, the chassis has been powder coated, but needs new brake lines and exhust, springs look a little twisted aswell, but nothing i can handle
Had this 49 pickup come in the other day, im stripping it and respraying it all, looks pretty straight in the pictures, but trust me, it ent

Saturday, 28 November 2009

This tank, yes i know isnt the right tank, was for a guy who came to me today with the correct tank after realising he had made a big mistake, only done this job a few weeks ago aswell

i say if it aint broke dont fix it, on that note, why is the modern day bike hidden away underplastic?

Old 1920's norton being carefully rebuilt by benny at Boneshakers

Flamsey, i hope you enjoy your paint as much as i enjoyed painting it, one of my favourites!
Can see my mk1 golf project reflecting off the paint and rocker tops, will treat you all to pictures of it soon
Mud guard is my favourite part of the bike

shame about this photo, my camera couldnt capture the leaf as it looks, but like this, gone gold leaf mad at the mo!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Paint by Flakey, design by Blue moon customs, mirrored and colours slightly altered by Flakey
Paint by Flakey, design by Blue moon
Paint by Flakey, design by Blue moon customs

Benny at Boneshakers and Rob at RHD

Paint by Flakey for Carl

Paint by Flakey for Carl

Benny From Boneshakers

what indanisia are doing
A group of bikers from asia loving what we do!
Paint by Flakey for Basher, free T shirt with your paint from now!

Flakey With tank and Rob from RHD with Spindles bike
Rob from RHD working

Boneshaker choppers with Benny

Paint by Flakey for Spindle
Paint by Flakey for Spindle

A big thank you to Bob for sending me all these pictures i couldnt take at the time, cheers Bob!